Designing and Building Hurricane Ready Homes.

Home Contractors Tampa

At WB Capps Design/Build, we understand the importance of creating a space that meets the needs of you and your family. Our team has been helping Tampa Bay families turn houses into homes for the past decade.

Whether your home needs a renovation or hurricane proofing, we’ll work with you to ensure your project is completed on time and to your complete satisfaction.

Our open lines of communication between subcontractors, engineers, drafters, and owners helps keep the entire process stress-free so you can relax knowing your home is in good hands.

What Services Does WB Capps Design/Build Provide?

When in Tampa Bay, it’s best to build tough. WB Capps Design/Build offers hurricane-ready homes to protect you, your family, and your investment.

Our team of home contractors in Tampa offers a variety of services to help transform your house into a home built for sustainability and protection, including:

  • Housing design: To guarantee your home meets your needs, wants, and budget.
  • New construction: We build our new construction homes for optimal hurricane and flood tolerance to outlast any changes to Florida’s building codes.
  • Historic preservation: A historic home doesn’t have to change faces to get with the times. WB Capps Design/Build specializes in modern updates and restorations to give your historic home the additions it needs without losing any of its charm.
  • Renovations: You don’t always need to build new to feel like you’re in a new house. WB Capps Design/Build will work with you to help renovate your home to meet your needs.
  • Additions: Some homes come with space issues, which is where WB Capps Design/Build comes in. We can help you achieve the final step you need to make your house your dream home.

Whether your home is in need of an addition, update, renovation, or reconstruction, WB Capps Design/Build has the team you need to make your dreams reality. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact WB Capps Design/Build today.