3 Important Hurricane Prep Tips That Will Keep Your Home and Your Family Safe

Hurricanes can be absolutely devastating. Sadly, there is nothing you can do to prevent these storms from touching down near your home, but there are a few things you can do to at least minimize the damage. Protecting your home from storm damage is essential if you live in an area of the country that deals with these intense storms.

Here are some important hurricane prep tips that will help protect your home and could even help save your life:

  • Perform some home renovations — As long as a hurricane isn’t approaching in the very near future, you should have time to improve your home’s structure and get it ready for massive storms. Be sure to work with a professional team of contractors who are experienced with hurricane prep home renovations.
  • Create a family disaster plan — It doesn’t matter if there is no risk of a hurricane at the moment, you need to make sure that you and your family are prepared for the worst. Stock up on emergency supplies for both your home and your car and start working on a detailed and throughout disaster plan. Write down emergency phone numbers and give them to each member of your family, make sure everyone knows how to properly use the fire extinguisher, locate the nearest emergency shelter is and identify the various routes you can take to get there, and make sure that you all know what the warning sirens in your area sound like and what to do if they go off.
  • Constantly monitor the weather — Even if it looks like a beautiful day, you should still at least check weather reports every once in a while. If a hurricane is actually approaching, don’t just panic and ignore weather reports. If a storm is between six and 18 hours away, it’s recommended to check your city or county website every 30 minutes for updates on the storm and if an evacuation order has been announced.

Make sure your home and family are safe and secure before, during, and after a hurricane. If you want to make some quality home renovations in order to prepare for potential major storms, give WB Capps Design and Build a call right away!