Home Construction: 4 Building Code Violations to Avoid

Building codes are a set of rules that specify the standards for constructed objects. All buildings must conform to the code to obtain planning permission from a local (or national) council. The main purpose of these codes is to protect the health of the everyone who enters into the building.

Unfortunately, it can be quite easy to mess up during construction and violate these codes. Here are some of the common mistakes that home builders and remodelers make when it comes to violating building codes:

  • Working without a permit — Homeowners are certainly allowed to perform various home renovations but for many larger remodeling projects, a permit is required. Professional builders should always have the required permits and you should never work with a contractor or organization that doesn’t have permits. Home remodeling work needs to comply with the latest energy and water conservation measures, which will actually save the homeowner money in the long run.
  • Neglecting to test old materials for lead and asbestos — Lead and asbestos are extremely dangerous and they are regulated strictly in most U.S. states. Asbestos is primarily found in building materials inside homes that were constructed before 1970. Lead paint, though outlawed in 1978, can still be found in old homes and building materials.
  • Not installing quality windows and doors in at-risk areas — A home that’s being constructed (or revamped) in an area that is at risk for hurricanes needs to have hurricane resistant doors and windows. High impact windows can cost between $40 and $55 per share foot but are essential for a home’s safety.
  • Improper electrical work — Electrical miscues can be life-threatening and needs to be done by professionals. Wrong circuit sizes, splicing wires without a junction box, and missing ground-fault circuit interrupters (GVSIs) are three of the most common electrical errors.

If you’re going to perform certain home remodeling or building projects, make sure you have the necessary permits and knowledge to do so. Still, it’s best to consult and work with a team of professionals for the majority of these residential projects. If you are ready to work with an experienced team of home builders who are fully aware of the various building codes involved with residential construction, give WB Capps Design and Build a call today.