Custom Home Design

New home design in Tampa Bay, Florida  

Walking through a beautiful house tends to give homeowners a good idea of what they want their own home to look like, if they ever build new. They can see what others have done, the layouts and design choices, and then make their own tweaks and changes. Of course, some people have been building their dream home in their imagination since they were a kid.

Planning a custom home design is a lot more complicated in practice. When building a new home, there isn’t a reference to base your decisions off of or a model to say “not this, but that.” When you need help translating your dream home vision into a reality, our team is here to provide a custom home design just for you. WB Capps Design Builds works on many of the premier properties in the Tampa Bay Area. Our Design Build team can help you every step of the way to ensure your home design is exactly what you always wanted.

How Our Home Design Process Works

WB Capps Design Builds has a simple business model: keep open lines of communication with our clients so that we can ultimately deliver a superior product — on time and on budget.

In all we do, we put client satisfaction and superior results first. While we provide a variety of services, from floor plans to hurricane-proofing existing homes, we are known in the Tampa Bay residential construction industry for our custom home design. From historic home preservation to new builds, we believe in our work (see our Gallery here).

We can create the initial layout of your new home, taking into account features and other design aspects that are important to you. When you want to build your dream home from the ground up, WB Capps Design Builds is here for you.

You know what you want, or at least have a pretty good idea of it. We can help bring those fuzzy ideas into crystal clear focus, and then into reality. If you tell us what you want your new home to look like, we come up with designs to help give you just that.

What goes into a Tampa Bay home design?

Home design can include everything from the shape of the home to the way the light sets on your kitchen counter. When designing a home, everything comes into consideration. First, there’s the layout based on your square footage. How many bedrooms? How many baths? Living space? One floor? Two?

Then you might consider architectural style. Do you want your home to be contemporary or traditional? We will work with you to ensure your Tampa Bay home fits your individual style.

Once the basics are checked off, everything else needs to be planned out. Features, amenities, flooring materials, paint color, cabinetry, counter material, and so on. In addition, we can help you ensure your Tampa Bay home is hurricane-ready. We want you to love your home for a long time to come, and so we look at every little detail to ensure it’s just what you wanted, within your budget.

Designing your home with WB Capp is like painting your dream house on canvas. You’re the artist, and we’re the paintbrush.

Call us today to begin your new home design process in the Tampa Bay area. Start on the path that leads to your dream house.